Introducing Chongqing Metro

After launching Nanjing Metro just one week ago, today we’re proud to announce our second Chinese city: Chongqing Metro!


Being just a few months older than the Nanjing Metro, with its 201.6 km (125.3 mi) of total length, it’s the oldest metro system in western China.

Chongqing is not the usual metropolis, as it is criss-crossed by numerous hills, mountains and rivers:
building a rail way system in this city is not an easy feat.

As of today, the Chongqing Metro holds various records, among them:

  • Busiest Monorail Line: Line 3 (over 600’000 passengers/day);
  • Largest Monorail System: Line 2 and Line 3;
  • Longest straddle-beam Monorail Line: Line 3;

With a new airport branch planned to be added to Line 3 this December, the Chongqing Rail System will extend and open several new lines in less than two years:

  • Line 4, 9 stations, will make the eastern side of Chongqing more accessible;
  • The Circle Line will open its first arc (phase I);
  • Line 5, 25 stations, will travel from the The Expo Garden (Line 3) all the way to the city south-eastern side;
  • Line 10, 19 stations, will connect Line 6 and Line 3 on the Northern side of Chongqing before crossing the city center;

Download Chongqing Metro on the App Store, free.