Big Day in Chongqing with the Opening of Lines 5 and 10!

After a quiet year Chongqing expands its network with two brand new lines.

Before today exchanging lines in the north of the city (that is, going from Line 6 to Line 3, and vice versa) would have meant go all the way to the city center, switch lines, and then go back to the North.
With today we can just take line 10 or line 5 and go straight to our destination.

These openings means saving plenty of time and money for many Chongqing travelers (Chongqing fares are distance based).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the support and wish you happy holidays!

Chongqing Metro

A new update will be soon available on both our Online Chongqing Metro Map and our Chongqing Metro App, available on the App Store.

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